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Our goal at Pawsitive Teach is to show you a positive, effective and fun way to communicate with your dog.

The companionship of a well mannered dog is a source of constant joy and our training is designed to help you develop and enjoy the lifelong bond that good communication, training and playing together brings.

Dogs aren’t born knowing our rules and what good manners are, it’s up to us to teach them so they understand what we expect. At Pawsitive Teach, we will coach you on how your dog companion learns, so that you can communicate clearly and more successfully the behavior you want.

Dog training solves problems, prevents problems before they arise and strengthens the bond between you and your best friend. At Pawsitive Teach, we focus on practical behaviors using reward based training. Our classes practice “real life” training so that your dog understands what you expect as you both go about your day to day life.

We believe that training and behavior modification should be safe, kind, enjoyable, positive and successful for you and the dog you love.

Training services are available privately or in group classes.

Thank you for visiting our site to learn about Pawsitive Teach, we look forward to working with you and your best friend.

Warmest Wags,
Diane Abbott, CPDT-KA

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